Flexible & Reliable

Flexible & Reliable

With our extensive fleet of prime mover and trailers, Robert Holmes Transport offer a freight solution to meet your requirements. We transport to numerous locations around Australia daily and are well known for our fast paced turnaround. All trucks are monitored by GPS, giving the customer location and precise time of arrival.

At Robert Holmes Transport we pride ourselves on the safety of our drivers, we are fully compliant to the strictness safety standards in its operation and the ongoing improvement of staff and process at all levels through regular in-house training.

Robert Holmes Transport is a wholly owned and independent Logistics operation priding ourselves on our high quality service to all our clients.

We offer container servicing at sites, transport pick up from Wharfs and delivery plus packing and unpacking of containers and returning empty containers to Wharfs. We have access to Sydney wharfs with our drivers fully inducted into each wharf and our office staff have adequate training in this area for booking time slots, truck manifest and other as required.

We can transport a numerous range of products including but not limited to 40ft / 20ft containers, Steel Products, Machinery, Scrap Metal, Chep Pallets, Pavers, Bricks, Beverage Products, Plasterboard, Timber, Solar Panels, Flour, Wool, Cotton, Cement, Building Supplies, Flat packs, Fresh Produce, Cartons and all manner of palletised goods. We can deliver to a large company or to a small franchise.

Regardless of your freight requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will go above and beyond to meet all your Transport, Distribution and Warehousing requirements, with over 50 years experience in the industry, we can work together with your Company to achieve maximum targets.


At our owned premises located at Dubbo and Glendenning, we offer transport from but not limited to; Dubbo, Narromine, Orange, Parkes, Forbes, Manildra, Bathurst, Glendenning, Sydney, Newcastle, Queensland and return. 

Our Fleet

We operate a fleet of over 23 prime movers, 59 trailers and subcontractors where as required.

Our Prime Movers are rotated and upgraded every 4 to 5 Years. Our Trailers are rotated and upgraded from every 7 Years.

Our list of trailer options ensures we are able to offer a solution to most freight movement operations. Our Trailer sizes range from B Double, Skell, Flat Top, Tautliners and Roadtrains.

Relentless Effort
Relentless Effort

Relentless Effort

We also provide express pick up and delivery vehicles as well as subcontractors if required. Our trailer options include, taut liner, road train, flat tops, b doubles and skel trailers.

Robert Holmes Transport’s management philosophy is embodied by our motto ‘’OUR SERVICE IS YOUR SUCCESS’’. This motto provides the basis of company operation on all levels, from management through to administration to provision of the services we provide to all our customers.

No Job Too Big
or Small

We also have an in house mechanic, ensuring all our trucks and trailers are road worthy on a daily basis, and avoiding any disruption to on time deliveries.

Taut Liner

Also known as a curtain sider, is a common cargo truck where the walls of the load area are covered by head duty Curtains. The curtains are anchored at many points along the bottom edge and are generally ratcheted. Tautliner can be unloaded and loaded from either side of the truck.

Examples of what we carry

  • Flour – Manildra Flour
  • Tooheys Beer – Bevchain
  • Cotton – Auscott Cotton
Road Train

A road train is a prime mover attached to 2 or more trailers. Road trains come with the strictness of requirements
Regarding, safety, licencing, weights and driver experience.

Examples of what we carry

  • Wool Bales from MacDonald Wool
Flat Top

Also called a flat top is a truck with a load area that is flat and level. The load area is open, with no tailgate, sides or roof. These are best for transporting product that are not easily damaged nor need weather proofing. They are also ideal for Transporting items with awkward dimensions that would not fit in a Pantech or Tautliner.

Examples of what we carry

  • Forklifts
  • Scrap Metal

A combination of a prime mover and 2 semi–trailers connected by turntables.

Is a trailer with wide spaced beams and low frames combined to lower the centre of gravity. Skel trailers a primarily used for the transportation of 20-40ft containers.

Examples of what we carry

  • 20ft Containers
  • 40ft Containers

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Robert Holmes Transport is the contractor for transport, storage and export of Australian cotton for over 25 years making all vessels on time, every time.